The subdivision of Agrotechnology, “Tsygankov” construction department is responsible for standard technical documentation development, design, supervision of installations and commissioning of facilities for the agricultural raw materials processing in food products and alternative fuel components. For 19 years of the work, there were implemented 32 projects for modernization and reconstruction of bioethanol, alcohol, ethyl acetate and other food and processing enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

Projects completed in 2018:

November 1, at the State Company “Gaysinsky ethanol plant”, Vinnitsa region we have launched the first in Ukraine three-adsorber revolver dehydration read more → 

“Agrotechhnology” – project development, construction of turnkey biogas, alcohol,  bioethanol and ethyl acetate factories.

Products: RED ethanol, ethyl acetate, solvents.

  • PJSC “Vinnitsa experimental plant” produces and repairs equipment from copper, corrosion-resistant and carbon steels. All that is necessary for the production of bioethanol, alcohol, ethyl acetate.


  • Zeochem  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality molecular sieves. All of our dewatering facilities work on Zeochem molecular sieves.

  • SAUTKOM – the market leader in Ukraine on manufacturing automation. Develops and integrates complex software and hardware automation at our facilities.