Design and Construction of Turnkey Biogas Plants (BGP)

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Tsygankov construction department provides the following services:

 – conducts feasibility study, which identifies the main objectives of the BGP construction, the use of biogas, technical and economic parameters;

 – develops the hardware-technological scheme of raw materials, methane fermentation; selection, purification and use of gas;

– calculates material flows and energy balances;

– develops requirements for equipping the installations and equipment specifications;

– places an order for equipment for machine-building enterprises and implements supervision of the manufacturer;

– develops scheme of production processes control and automation;

– carries out installation of technological equipment and automation systems;

– implements supervision of installations commissioning into commercial operation;

– trains the personnel to operate BGP.



Biogas station is:

 – own gas production (methane);

– own electricity production;

– wide choice of raw materials;

– wastes utilization;

– industrial waste water treatment;

– payback period is 2 … 3 years.


The most popular raw materials for BGP are:

 – pig and cattle manure;

– chicken manure;

– beet pulp;

– molasses stillage, grain stillage;

– crop residues.