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The experience of three generations of alcohol producers has been combined in the engineering company Agrotechnology | KB “Tsygankov”. Modern technologies from 17 countries and our own developments in Ukraine contributed to designing and constructing a turnkey distillery.

We do it as good as possible:

  • Make a pre-design study of future production
  • Define the primary technical and economic indicators
  • We will develop technological schemes for a distillation-concentration plant for producing crude alcohol and an adsorption plant for dehydration
  • Calculating all material and energy flows 
  • Create equipment specifications and requirements
  • We will order the equipment and follow its manufacture
  • We will develop automation and production process control schemes
  • Set up equipment and automation systems
  • The commissioning of the plants will be managed by us
  • Educate the staff on how to manage the plant



This is the philosophy that allows you to create a modern production from concept to commissioning. Our approach gives people the latest knowledge, helps to become a professional in biotechnology and rectification.

To begin with, we help the investor to choose the best place for the future distillery in terms of resources and logistics. Next, we decide what will be its capacity, determine the types of products and look for options for waste disposal. At the same time, we calculate the required amount of investment. The owner of the plant will know that the production is eco-friendly and will have the opportunity to expand or enlarge it later.

No one in Ukraine can solve the problem of alcohol bard disposal for sane money. But Agrotechnology can do it.

V. Marchuk (Trostyanetsky distillery)

Therefore, our engineers design the technological and construction parts of the distillery. At this stage, we bring to the project the most modern technological solutions, develop design documentation for special and non-standard equipment. During the construction design, we take responsibility for obtaining permits and for following the necessary construction standarts.

The project is ready, we can start construction and installation. Equipment is ordered, suppliers are preparing it for shipment. While the construction continues, technological equipment, automation systems, pipelines and other parts and assemblies are brought to the ground. We begin to collect production areas.

It is very convenient for us to work with Agrotechnologie technological equipments are 80% of Ukrainian production. We buy it for hryvnias and can quickly replace or improve it if necessary.

A. Glushchenko (Gaysinsky distillery)

Meanwhile, future employees are learning. They participate in installation and adjustment, see how separate areas are combined into a single production. They get priceless experience of participation in the construction of the turnkey distillery.

The construction is completed. We test individual sections of the distillery for stability in operation. Engineers install and check automation –  it is impossible to reach technological modes in modern production without it.

Now we can proceed to commissioning: water and electricity are connected, boiler room supplies steam. Mechanics start pumps, engineers check technological sequences. Plant staff accepts a trial batch of raw materials into production.

Engineers are monitoring each chain of technological processes. Automakers are regulating control systems. And now the laboratory gives the results of samples of the final product – everything is good, the indicators are normal. Therefore we can run in full force now.

Usually, the commissioning of molecular sieves lasts a week.  With Agrotechnology we entered  on mode in 4 hours.

A. Maslak (Budilsky distillery)

After the launch, technologies work out and bring all the indicators in line with the design ones. Our industrial engineers are going to spend several more months in the factory, until we are sure, that the production is managed correctly.

We follow the world’s technological innovations, check them and implement only the most appropriate. Those, who once began to work with us and ordered the service of the turnkey distillery got the opportunity to constantly update technologies. They are always at the peak of the progress of the alcohol industry.

Other Features

Biogas station


Our team is responsible for designing and building biogas stations. Purification of biogas. Production of biomethane. Green tariff


Waste disposal


Decision on the disposal of alcohol bard. Evaporation stations. Its own energy. DDGS. Fertilizers. Ecological income.


Deep Processing


We design and build lines to increase the added value of agricultural products.
We will analyze the grain in the components.