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When communicating with the Customer, we strive to ensure that his understanding of production technology corresponds to reality and is sufficient for making the right decisions. For this we conduct consultations.

Sometimes people think that free advice is better than paid advice, because you don’t have to pay! This is a mistake, and here’s why:

• A counselor’s words are free, so they have no weight.

• The advisor does not care about the results and is not responsible for them.

• Using free advice, the Customer can at best get unfounded hopes, and at worst – resort to wrong actions, lose time and money.

In technologically developed countries, getting free advice from a specialized company is nonsense.

The only good free advice is “Buy Consulting”.
The price of consulting is from 1,000 euros, it depends on the depth of treatment of the topic and the amount of requested data.


Technology is a set of processes characterizing production.

The technology can be classic: the basic processes have been unchanged for many years. Can be innovative: all processes were invented recently based on the modern level of development of science and technology.

Most often, economically successful technology is a skillfully selected combination of reliable classics and modern knowledge.

What processes the technology consists of, how the processes are related to each other, what technological modes and what hardware design they should have – a set of knowledge that we know

We were acquiring this knowledge receiving special education, conducting laboratory and production tests, exchanging experience with technologists from different countries at their factories, participating in exhibitions and scientific conferences, we were not afraid to introduce new things in production and practice technological processes. This path of improvement never ends.

If you want to get cost-effective production and maintain it in this state under changing conditions in the market, then you need to approach technological design seriously.

The cost of technological design will be 5…10% of the factory construction budget.


When the Customer has decided on the technology, he pays for:


production of the necessary equipment

automation systems

construction design

construction and installation works

permit documentation

Calculation of the cost of construction, equipment and installation is carried out in the pre-project study. However, for an approximate estimate, the cost of a distillery on a prepared site can be taken as 1,200 – 1,500 Euros for 1 dal/day. A prepared site is an industrial site with access roads, buildings, networks, water, and filtration fields. For example, it can be the site of sugar or alcohol factories. How to choose a site for a distillery

On the site “green field” (in a clean field) – construction will cost twice as much.


We provide services even after the start of production.

Imagine that you are an investor or manager of an agricultural processing plant. You and your people must understand technology, processes, know how to reduce the cost of production. You must always monitor technological innovations, apply them in production, train personnel, and as a result – be competitive in the market.

All this can be achieved with our help. Our technical production support helps factory workers achieve a high level of competence. We will be able to provide you with stable operation and economic efficiency of production.

Support is a necessary investment given the shortage of qualified stuff.